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What does journalism achieve today – and what does it not achieve? What role should journalists play in our democracy? Especially in these times when so much is changing due to digitization. Moreover: Who expects what? For example, do journalists, politicians, citizens, and academics agree on the tasks of journalism? What are the consequences of the answers for democracy?

As a research team, we want to get to the bottom of these questions with the study „Journalism and Democracy“ by asking different social groups – repeatedly.

The individual surveys


Confronted with the challenges of the media industry daily, journalists position themselves with their self-image and their (self-)criticism. A look from the inside.

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The audience is continuously provided with information. Together with the opinion research institute forsa, the audience is asked about their expectations and criticisms of journalism.

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Politicians play a significant role in public discourse. Moreover, they are repeatedly the object of reporting. Political actors' impressions of the "fourth estate".


In journalism, the expectations of media makers and society collide. Each group looks at journalism from different perspectives. A look at the big picture.